My Everyday Makeup Routine

Hey guys! So today we are getting into my makeup routine and what I use everyday. I don’t think everyone knows this, but I actually went to school for Beauty Merchandising and Marketing! I studied everything from product development, copy-writing, product ingredients, to skin biology, industry topics, and European art! I went to the Fashion […]

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Q&A With My Fiance

Hey guys! So, joining me today is my fiancé, Trevor. On my Instagram and Color It Blonde Instagram, I asked you all to submit questions for this post! I chose the most asked/best ones and now we’re going to answer all of them. Without further ado, here are the questions! 1. What is your favorite/least […]

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Traveling With My Dog

Dogs are possibly the best thing to ever happen to this earth. I have always loved dogs and have had a few growing up! When I moved to LA a couple of years ago, Trev and I got our first dog, Budweiser. Bud was 4 months old when we rescued him from the Los Angeles […]

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Commute Needs

I have been commuting for about 7 months and I can finally say, I have my routine down. My fiancé and I live in Stamford CT. Trevor works in Darien CT and I work in Manhattan. The reason why we chose to live in Connecticut instead of Manhattan is because it is located right in […]

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21 in 21 years This year has been the craziest year for me yet. So much has changed in my life and it’s all been amazing . So far I think the key to life has been to just go with it. Anything that I want to chase, I just do it. It’s always scary […]


New York Don’ts

After moving to New York I have learned a few very important lessons that I wish I would have learned sooner. Having had the all is well that ends well  mentality, I considered my struggles a win. Manhattan is most certainly an island, there is absolutely no place like it in the world. When […]

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New Beginnings

Hi everyone! Summer is coming to an end, as is multiple chapters in my own life! I have not blogged in a long time, things got a little crazy there for a while! But I am back and ready to fill you all in on a few things I’ve been up to this summer. Since […]

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Sale Pieces- Want!

Hi Guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit, I have been very busy as of recent! Between my birthday, traveling, and the end of this semester, I haven’t had a ton of blogging time. I leave for Utah for spring vacation in about a week, and my boyfriend and I are getting some pictures […]

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