Nordstrom Sale Picks

Well here it is, the only good part of 2020 so far! Lol just kidding….sort of. I opened the Nordstrom flagship store in Manhattan and by the end of that adventure, I pretty much knew the company like the back of my hand. I knew the best brands, the must have products, and what is/is […]

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Q&A With My Fiance

Hey guys! So, joining me today is my fiancé, Trevor. On my Instagram and Color It Blonde Instagram, I asked you all to submit questions for this post! I chose the most asked/best ones and now we’re going to answer all of them. Without further ado, here are the questions! 1. What is your favorite/least […]

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January Beauty Favorites

How is it already mid January!? Craziness. Well I know January isn’t over yet so I might be jumping the gun, but I am so excited about some makeup that I have been using! I had to share, I couldn’t wait lol. So to kick things off we will start with my #1 favorite product […]

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