Things I Need/Want off Amazon RN

I don’t know about all of you, but my Amazon addiction has only gotten worse as of recent. I have so many things that I want right now, or already have ordered that I am obsessed with! I’ve also been reading/watching a lot of amazon hauls by other bloggers and I have just been so inspired lol. So I’m going to link some of my amazon wants and loves down below!

Simple Modern 16oz Classic Tumbler with Straw Lid & Flip Lid – Travel Mug Gift Vacuum Insulated Coffee Beer Pint Cup – 18/8 Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Midnight Black This cup is the only cup I use when I’m at home! Trevor and I totally fight over it lol. I only put water in it, but I totally want a second one to use for coffee. I love the straw too because I’m not a huge fan of metal straws or silicone straws so this one is perfect.

G2PLUS Disposable Eyelash Mascara Brushes Wands Applicator Makeup Kits 100 Pack
Considering that I’ve been doing my own eyebrows…these are a must. My eyebrows have a good shape, they just get sooo long so I have to trim them a lot. These are the bomb.

Cirepil All-Purpose Unscented Non-Strip Disposable Blue Wax Refill Bag 800g/28.22 oz 
Another tool for those eyebrows! I’ve never used this wax but it has great reviews and Aspyn Ovard swears by it.

zeroUV – Retro Oversized Square Sunglasses for Women with Flat Lens 50mm
My mom & I both have these!! They’re the perfect Celine dupes for when you’re at the beach or river and you don’t want to ruin or lose your expensive sunglasses! I have both the black and the brown.

Clinere® Ear Cleaners, 10 Count, (Pack of 3) Earwax Remover Tool Safely and Gently Cleaning Ear Canal at Home, Ear Wax Cleaner Tool, Itch Relief, Ear Wax Buildup, Works Instantly, Earwax Cleaners I personally do not have waxy ears but mine get really dry and itchy so these are so nice and safe to use! Defs a NEED in our medicine cabinet.

BEAKEY 5 Pcs Makeup Sponge Set Blender Beauty Foundation Blending Sponge, Flawless for Liquid, Cream, and Powder, Multi-colored Makeup Sponges. I could go on and on about these because they’re so great!!! They’re also super affordable and wayyy more hygienic than using a real Beauty Blender. With these you can use them until they get dirty and then toss and grab another!! They also are pretty much the exact same as a beauty blender without that price tag.

Plush Eye Mask for Dry Eyes | Ultra-Soft Moist Heat Eye Compress Pad for Pink Eye, Blepharitis, Puffy Eyes, MGD, Migraine, Sleep, Stye Treatment Relief| Reusable Warm Compress with Silica Beads (Red). Not only does this mask block out light better than any mask I’ve ever used, but I also use it for everything else hahah. I heat it up before I go to sleep and it just feels so good on my dry and puffy eyes. It totally helps me fall asleep and stay asleep. Highly recommend this mask!

Sports Research Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer (Pink Logo) for Men & Women ~ Includes Free Sample of Sweet Sweat Gel! I feel like it’s almost worthless to work out without this waist trimmer! It has seriously worked wonders on my waist. I love how much my waist sweats whenever I wear this!

Bedsure Satin Pillowcase for Hair and Skin, 2-Pack – Queen Size (20×30 inches) Pillow Cases – Satin Pillow Covers with Envelope Closure, Dark Grey. Why spend $100 on a silk pillow case when you could get one for $9! I bought a few of these and whenever they get dirty I just swap them out so my pillow always stays clean.

That is all for my Amazon obsession today, let me know if any of you get any of these products!


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