Quarantine Anxiety

I have struggled with anxiety since I was 5 years old. I have considered doing an in-depth blog post all about my struggles for a while now, but I really wanted to write this post with a focus on how this virus and quarantining has affected my anxiety. I think that everyone has developed some unhealthy habits during this lock down lol, some being staying up until 3 AM and sleeping until 3 PM, unhealthy meals, eating cupcakes at one in the morning, or staying inside for days at a time. All of these things come together and create the perfect storm.

Now, I am not  going to come on here and tell you how to fix unhealthy habits, because if we are being honest, these are pretty unprecedented times. You cannot have a set schedule or plan when everyone in the world is in a state of panic. Also, there is also no way that I am getting up at 7 AM every morning, just to go sit on my couch and binge watch One Tree Hill all day. I am however, going to give you some tools on how to deal with the anxiety that a lot of people are facing everyday. I have tried every remedy in the book for anxiety, and I have a few tricks that I think will totally help anyone who is struggling right now.

Whenever I feel a panic attack coming on or just anxious feelings in general, it helps me to immediately change my thoughts. Go online shopping, call a friend or family member, play a game on your phone, do anything that requires all of your attention. This always helps me shutout those scary thoughts and focus on something else. If this doesn’t help, pinch the skin in between your thumb and pointer finger. That spot is referred to as the pressure point LI-4 and it helps relieve headaches, pain, and anxiety.

My favorite products for coping with anxiety are Bach’s Rescue Remedy Pastilles and Young Living Peace and Calming essential oil. These two products are AMAZING. I seriously could not live without either of them. Before I went on any medication for anxiety, I took a couple herbal supplements to help with the day to day anxiousness that I faced. I found that Kava Root Veggie Capsules  and Ashwagandha Veggie Capsules work very similarly to real anxiety medication.

I have also had many panic attacks in my day. If I am just spiraling out of control and panicking like crazy, I force myself to stop and think, what is the absolute worst thing that can happen to me right now? Is it something that I can control? Probably not. Realizing that your fears are things that you 100% have no control over, really de-escalates the situation. You have no control over what is going on in the world right now. You have no control over really anything other than your thoughts. I have also read/heard that focusing on your breathing really helps, but for me it just makes things worse lol. I just try to focus on my thoughts and how I can harness them!

Anxiety is a crazy thing. Go outside (of course while practicing social distancing) and take a deep breath. This will all be over so soon and life will go on as usual. Change your thoughts and change your attitude. Know that it is okay to feel scared and alone right now! I am right there with ya. If this helps you in any way, please let me know! Also let me know if any of you would be interested in an in-depth blog post about my struggle with anxiety and how I have handled it throughout all these years!







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