Interview W/ Chanté Joanne, Owner Of Roses N Rosé

I am so excited for this post because it is the first interview for my new series! This series will include interviews with successful women working in the fashion, hair, and beauty industry. All of these women are so inspiring and have the best tips and advice! I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Chanté Joanne, owner of the brand Roses N Rosé. Roses N Rosé is a San Diego brand specializing in skin and body care. This brand is seriously so amazing guys! Not only is it 100% cruelty free, it is also made in the US, and solely owned by Chantè. Before we hop into this interview, I just want to say that when you’re shopping with a small business, you are supporting a dream. Especially during this crazy time, we should all try to support these brands!


Chantè Joanne, Owner of Roses N Rosé


CIB: Thank you so much Chantè for being on Color It Blonde this week! It is seriously such a pleasure to work with you and get to know more about you and Roses N Rosé. 

Chanté: Of course! I love doing those, it always helps remember the good things! Thank you so much for having me on your blog. 

CIB: So to get things started, why don’t you give us a little background on you.

Chanté: My name is Chanté, I live in San Diego. I’ve grown up all over California my whole life and I started my brand at 24 years old! 

CIB: Wow, that is so crazy, how did you get into skincare and beauty in the first place?

Chanté: I’ve always loved skincare and beauty! I actually had wanted to be a celebrity makeup artist growing up. I had all the brushes, all the makeup, and the books, everything! At some point I sort of grew out of makeup and became obsessed with skincare and have been into it ever since!

CIB: To follow this passion did you do any schooling? 

Chanté: I didn’t go to an esthetician school or anything. I have actually been looking into it a lot lately and am working on getting in! When I first started Roses, I started with body care, so just a few body scrubs and body oils, etc. It wasn’t until 2019 that I actually started getting into the skincare industry and with that I really started to study everything as far as skin types, care, products, ingredients, everything. I even have some esthetician school books and worked really closely with a lab to manufacture my products so that I understood every detail about them, what’s in them, what they do, etc!

Coffee Body Scrub. Shop This Picture:                

CIB: Did you just decide that you wanted to build Roses N Rosé off your dream or how did your brand come about? 

Chanté: The idea of Roses N Rosé is actually kind of a funny story. At the time, it was 2017 and I was 24 years old working as an Office Manager for a yacht company here in San Diego. All of our yachts were over a million dollars, so it wasn’t like I was busy every day. If anyone knows me I am the type of person who constantly has to be moving and doing something. So I remembered in high school I used to make body scrubs just for fun. People always asked about them and one day when I was bored, I went on the computer at work and taught myself how to build a website. I thought of a name, added the body scrubs to it and launched 2 weeks later! I lasted at that job for another 6 months before going part time, using my paycheck there to fund my business and then within a year later I ended up entirely quitting and running my brand full time!

CIB: That is seriously amazing. To start a business in any industry is difficult, but the beauty industry is so hard! That is so impressive, girl! Is it hard doing everything on your own? What do you feel is the hardest part about running this company?

Chanté: Personally I think the hardest part for me is accountability. I work from home and am the only person behind the brand. I am the accountant, shipping department, sales, marketing, social media, everything. So for me it’s hard to do it all and tell myself to do everything that I have planned for the next day. I try to do my best and make a list of everything I have to do, but sometimes it’s hard for me to actually get to it and get it done. Especially working from home, it’s sometimes easy to get distracted, so accountability and actually doing the things I said I was going to do is sometimes an issue!

CIB: How do you not get just so drained? Do you ever struggle to stay motivated or inspired?

Chanté: I think the other hardest part is wearing all the hats. Sometimes you’re so wrapped up in your brand that you get almost like…a tunnel vision. I lose motivation or inspiration, so I just need a little break to sometimes get another point of view and get some ideas flowing again! 

CIB: The fact that you run Roses N Rosé all by yourself is mindblowing. You have 11.7K followers on Instagram and you’ve done everything all by yourself! How do you balance your personal life and your work life? I think that I would totally struggle to turn that side of me off at the end of the day.

Chanté: I feel like I do a good job at separating the two! I am pretty much working 24/7 between social media, emails, etc. But I try to give myself business hours, like starting work around 9 am every day and I try to be done with everything by 3 and then I try to separate my life after that and be done with “work stuff” But sometimes it gets hard as far as stress goes, I try not to let it spill out into my personal life and effect me!

CIB: So I have tried a few of your products and they are phenomenal. My favorite is your setting spray! Do you have a favorite product in your line, like one that you couldn’t live without?

Chanté: I love this question! My absolute #1 favorite is the glow effect brightening cream. With everything in the collection I made sure they would all be products I would use myself. However, the brightening cream is particularly special to me because I have had issues in the past with hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone and for me this product has completely changed that. I worked with the lab really closely to create a product that would help with something that is good for your skin but actually WORKS too! I always say on Instagram stories if there was one product from the collection I couldn’t live without, that would be it!

Processed With Darkroom
Chanté’s favorite product, The Glow Effect. Shop This Picture:

CIB: Was it hard to pick just a couple products to launch at a time? 

Chanté: I think everything in the skin collection was a bit hard to pick and choose just because like I said before, I wanted everything in the collection to be products that I actually use myself. I tested tons of different products and formulas before picking anything, so for me that was hard, having to narrow it down and make decisions! 

CIB: I’m sure your audience is very vocal on what they want from Roses N Rosé! Do you like that aspect of being a small business? 

Chanté: I love the connection I have with my audience. I know most small business owners do, but big brands don’t have that. A lot of the time I actually interact with my followers and audience, I take the time to message them back, respond to comments, I even throw a lot of big public events and get to meet them in person, which I Iove and think it’s important to do as a brand. You want to be connected and know who your audience is and what they want

CIB: Do you enjoy being a part of the beauty industry? What is your biggest accomplishment within this industry?

Chanté: I love that it’s always changing. I love a good challenge so it’s fun for me to be in something that I constantly have to evolve with and keep up with! Owning a small business is hard, REALLY hard. It takes a lot of drive and dedication. It’s easy to find excuses and quit and go find a full time job. So I am definitely proud that I have taken risks and stuck through it and have got this far!

CIB: What do you think has been your biggest mistake during your journey growing Roses N Rosé? 

Chanté: Wow. There’s been a lot! I try not to have any regrets though and just take them as lessons learned. One of my biggest mistakes I think would be..maybe some communication with design? I remember when I first was designing for the skin collection,I had an idea that in my head looked really good, I got all my designs made and sent them to the print company and when they came back they were HORRIBLE. LIKE HIDEOUS. Looked terrible on the packaging and that was it. I couldn’t get my money back, or anything because it’s what I asked for and the work had been done. I had a meltdown and cried and didn’t even want to launch the collection anymore. But..obviously got over it and here we are. So definitely not getting the proper mock ups and communicating properly was a huge lesson for me. Another would probably be..not getting to know my audience quicker. I think at the beginning I was so focused on growth, I was gaining all the wrong audience, so that took a little toll. But I realized it and was able to make change. It just wasn’t until a year or so later that I realized it!

CIB: Gosh, I can’t even imagine the type of commitment and responsibility that it would take to have your own business. What do you think you would be doing if you didn’t own Roses N Rosé?

Chanté: Probably something in marketing or home design! I’ve always loved marketing, being creative and designing things!

CIB: Where do you see Roses N Rosé in 10 years?

Chanté: 10 years! Well, I hope Roses N Rosé is a big name brand. However, I don’t ever want it to lose it’s small business feel. I would love to have a full marketing/design team, and be able to hire, provide jobs and set good examples for the future generation. I am excited to see where the brand goes!

CIB: You already are setting such an amazing example. I hope there is someone out there that reads this and is inspired by the drive and dedication that you have shown. Do you see yourself expanding your product line any time soon? Maybe some hair care or makeup products?

Chanté: Umm you know I’ve actually been asked that a lot lately! I don’t know!! Maybe? We can always try it out and see how it goes, I am open to anything!

CIB: Omg, well I am so excited to see what is next for Roses N Rosé! In the meantime, do you have any fun tips for us on how to get the most out of our skincare products?

Chanté: Oh I love this, my biggest tip I always give people is to never dry your face after cleansing. To think of your skin as a sponge, it’s more likely to absorb products on already damp skin. Just like a sponge, you wet it before using it right?? Because it picks things up better! If you leave your skin damp after cleansing, the next products you use absorb better and your skin will be more hydrated. Water attracts water!

The Detox Cleansing Milk. Shop This Picture:

CIB: Seriously, I think that is one of the coolest skin care tips that I have ever heard. I am so going to try that!! It has been so amazing having you on Color It Blonde today, you were the perfect first woman to have in this series. To conclude this interview, I have one more question that I think will totally hit home for all of my readers and your customers! If you could go back in time to when you first had the idea for Roses N Rosé and tell yourself anything, what would you say?

Chanté: I actually think about this all the time! I would tell myself, it gets hard, you’re going to cry, you’re going to have meltdowns, you’re probably going to want to throw in the towel, but keep going, because it’ll all work out and you’re going to build some amazing relationships and meet good people. You’re going to realize who your friends are and who will be there for you so no matter what..keep going and also come out with the skin collection sooner. Hahah


This interview was so fun and so inspiring. To hear Chanté’s story and how Roses N Rosé came to be so successful, is mindblowing! She started Roses at 24, taught herself everything that she knows, and has since built a successful business all on her own. Thank you again, Chante for being a part of this series and for being so incredibly sweet! This interview has me so excited to work with some other badass women in our industry. Linked below is the Roses N Rosé website, defs go check it out and pick up some phenomenal skin and body products! Sign up with your email at the link below and get 15% off of your first order. 






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