How To Move Across The Country

So for those who don’t know, my fiancé and I moved to the East Coast about 9 months ago? I think? Time flies lol. Well, we both are from San Diego and Trevor had never even been to the East Coast! I had always wanted to move to New York. When I first met Trevor, I told him that no matter what, I was moving to NY after college. Luckily, he agreed to come with me and we moved!

It definitely wasn’t easy in a lot of ways. It’s not only expensive to move so far away, it also is very time consuming. There are so many things I wish that I could go back and do differently! I’m going to list some dos & don’ts for anyone thinking about pulling the trigger on a cross country move.


1. Only pack essentials. We pretty much sold everything except our clothes and a couple random small things.
2. Buy all of the big stuff when you get there. We didn’t bring any furniture or home decor.
3. Road trip if you can.  It was so much fun to see the country.
4. Rent an RV instead of a Uhaul. Trev’s grandparents drove with us so we just followed their RV in our car! You save so much money on hotels and you don’t have to stop as much to go to the bathroom.
5. Pack and make all of your meals. We had the RV so this was so easy for us! We grocery shopped before we left and then just cooked on the road. Trev’s Grandma made and froze a ton of dinners so that was amazing.
6. If you do want to eat out, look at places while you’re on the road rather than before. You are going to have a lot of time to kill.
7. Travel with a dog. It makes things a lot more fun.
8. Pack lots and lots of snacks.
9. Look into getting an essential oil diffuser for your car! Ours was amazing to have and kept me from getting car sick.


1. Don’t make reservations at hotels or RV parks ahead of time. There were some days where we wanted to drive for 11 hours straight, and then other days where it felt like 4 hours was a living hell. You never know when or where you’re going to end up.
2. Going off #1, do not stress yourself out trying to get there at a certain date. Driving for that long is really hard and some days it’s nice to just take a day off and enjoy whatever city you’re in! Trev and I spent an entire day exploring Nashville and it was so fun.
3. If you’re driving with your significant other, avoid serious conversations. You’re stuck in a car with that person for 10 hours a day, don’t push your luck conversation wise. Keep it light or you will go nuts.

4. Don’t listen to all of your podcasts on day one or two. Big mistake.
5. Do not try to eat healthy during this excursion, it won’t end well.
6. It’s really easy to look at a map and want to plan all of these amazing stops at places that you want to see. After driving for that long, odds are you won’t want to stop and hike the Grand Canyon. Just keep things realistic and only pick stops that take minimal time out of your route.
Once you get where you are going, keep in mind that this is a learning process. There will be lots of failures and hard times, both in your relationship (if you are in one) and in your career. Give your self and your relationship a lot of grace during this time. Be patient while looking for a job. Make sure it is one that fits you and that you enjoy! It will only make things harder if you settle for the first job that you get. It will also make things harder on your relationship. A big mistake that we made during the first couple of months living together on the other side of the country, was depending on each other for too many things. It takes a village to keep a relationship alive and healthy. You both have so much going on personally, it creates a lot of unnecessary pressure to feel as though you are responsible for your partner’s happiness as well. Love and support one another, that’s all you need.
Seriously just enjoy it! It’s so much fun and makes for amazing memories. Take lots of pictures and enjoy the journey. It is so easy to turn it into a race to get there as fast as you can. That is something I think that both Trev and I would do differently. We were just so caught up in the whole getting there part of it, that we missed great parts of the journey. Do not make that mistake! It was one of the best decisions we’ve made and even though we will most likely head home soon, the experience is one that we are so grateful for.

Here are some pics taken during our road trip!

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