My Everyday Makeup Routine

Hey guys! So today we are getting into my makeup routine and what I use everyday. I don’t think everyone knows this, but I actually went to school for Beauty Merchandising and Marketing! I studied everything from product development, copy-writing, product ingredients, to skin biology, industry topics, and European art! I went to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA. I fell in love with makeup when I was in high school and then just ran with it throughout college. I learned so much about what products and ingredients are good for your skin, the way skin reacts to ingredients, and how to learn more about your skin needs.

Before we jump in I want to give some background on my skin type so you can decide if these product would work for you or not! My skin is dry but oily in my t-zone. I also am acne prone and I use topical retinoids to help prevent and control my acne! I try to only wear foundation when my skin is totally clear. I don’t like covering blemishes with a lot of makeup, for me it just makes things worse.

The products that I am listing below are products that I use for my every day makeup routine.

When I do want to give this look a boost I pop on these Ardell Wispies! To apply all of my makeup I use a combination of beauty blender and brushes. I use these beauty sponges off Amazon. They’re amazing and whenever they get too dirty I just toss one and start with a new one! The brushes I use are the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Master Brush Collection. They shed a little but I found that these are the only brushes that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but the collection has every brush that you would need to create any look.

These are all of the products I use to get this easy everyday look! In this picture I am wearing lashes which again, I don’t do everyday.
Thank you guys again so much for reading!

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