Q&A With My Fiance

Hey guys! So, joining me today is my fiancé, Trevor. On my Instagram and Color It Blonde Instagram, I asked you all to submit questions for this post! I chose the most asked/best ones and now we’re going to answer all of them. Without further ado, here are the questions!

1. What is your favorite/least favorite thing about one another?

Meg: My favorite thing about Trevor is how silly he is. He is constantly making me laugh and we are always in our own little weird world together. My least favorite thing……hmmm. We both have completely different ways of handling our money. I am a spender and Trev is a saver so that can be difficult.

Trevor: My favorite thing about Meg is how passionate she is. If she puts her mind to something, there is nothing that anyone can do or say to stop her. Sometimes it can be a pain in the ass, but I admire that about her so much. My least favorite thing about her is the way she handles money. I am what some (Meg) would call a, “Money Hitler…”. Hahaha I am very serious about money and Meg is much more laid back.
2. Have you set a wedding date?

Nope! Just taking things slow while we figure out life and where we want to settle down. Trev is stuck with me so there’s no rush 😉
3. Is wedding planning hard?

Yes! We have started before but then stopped because it was just so much work. We will pick it up again when things slow down.
4. When is the baby coming?

Meg: LOL after were married! I do want another dog though….babe? 😉

Trevor: Budweiser is my only baby for now! Well…and my boat.
5. Will you ever move back to San Diego?

Meg: Yes! I miss the sunshine so much. New York was just something I had to do. It has always been a dream of mine to move here. Our lease ends in a few months so I guess we will have to wait and see!

Trevor: San Diego is home to me. I am huge on family and I love my support system that I have there. I am excited to move back whenever we make that call! But that will definitely be where we settle down.
6. Are you getting married in San Diego?

Meg: I would prefer to get married somewhere tropical on the beach. I don’t want to get married in the U.S.! I would love to go somewhere with just our close friends and immediate family, but Trevor is going to say something totally different.

Trevor: Hahahhaha why does she get to answer first? For me, the only thing about our wedding that is important to me (other than marrying Megatron) is that all of my family and friends get to experience that day with me. So hopefully we don’t chose a venue too far.

Meg: Told you.
7. How did you meet?

Meg: We met when we were kids! We grew up in the same town and my brother played baseball with him. His older sister, Heather was also my babysitter and cheer coach lol. As we grew up our families grew apart and we did not really stay in touch. My freshman year of college Trevor reached out to me and the rest is history!

Trevor: It was a successful slide into the DM’s. Like Meg said, I knew she came from an extremely tight-knit family that had similar values to mine, and obviously shes a smoke show. So I reached out and somehow tricked her into agreeing to marry me.
8. What’s the hardest part about being engaged?

Meg: Honestly its been pretty similar to dating accept that now I have a beautiful ring. The only thing that I would say is difficult is that I would love a small wedding and Trev wants the entire US population present. But I guess that doesn’t even apply to being engaged…..hhmm. I guess that you have to prepare to be together for the rest of your life. You need to accept that person 100% for who they are and learn to love all of them unconditionally.

Trevor: I would say that Meg and I took on quite a bit all at once, getting engaged, moving across the country, moving in together for the first time, and learning what we want individually for our careers. All of that mushed together has brought on all kinds of different pressures and emotions that you wouldn’t expect. I’d say we may have taken on too much all at the same time but overall I think that we are stronger for it.
9. Trevor, how did you know you wanted to propose? Were you nervous?

Trevor: Meg made me. Hahahaha just kidding. Like I said before, it didn’t take long to realize that we were completely compatible given our upbringings and similar values. Everything came together fairly quickly, and although things are not always perfect (nothing in life ever really is) I was very confident that she would never give up and we would get through anything together.

Was I nervous, to be honest it didn’t really hit me until about 30 minutes before I was going to propose. And I actually wasn’t nervous for reasons you’d think, Meg gets overwhelmed easily and I was second guessing my idea of proposing in front of thousands of people. The people that helped me were in charge of coming up with someway to get her on the field, and during the game they told me that she had agreed to run in a footrace against my mom. If you have ever seen Meg run you would know why I was nervous for her hahaha.

Meg: For those that don’t know, Trevor proposed to me during one of his college baseball games.
10. Are you having a long engagement?

Meg: Who knows!

Trevor: There is just too many balls in the air right now to decide on a date. For now we are just enjoying each other and making the most of where we are at right now.
11. Do you live together and if so what’s the hardest part about moving in together?

Meg: Yes we do! I would say the hardest part about living together has been how horrible Trevor is at multi-tasking. He cannot be on his phone while we have a conversation or really do anything or else or he will have no idea what is going on. IT DRIVES ME ABSOLUTELY NUTS! And yet he is always on his damn phone. This pertains to living together because before we lived together he wouldn’t really be on his phone when we would hang out, now it is like non stop and it kills me. He actually wanted to do his taxes while we wrote this post? Who does that???? Oh and boys are gross so, that’s a given.

Trevor: Sometimes I just pretend I don’t know what she is saying when I am on my phone just to mess with her hahhahaha! Hmmm I would say the hardest part for me about living together is balancing giving her attention and working on the other 100 different projects I take on. I am a totally guilty of taking on too much, but I really enjoy it all so it is hard for me to turn that side off at times. I used to only focus on her when we were together and then had plenty of time to do everything else when I wasnt with her, but now it is hard to draw that line somewhere because we are always together.
12. Relationship advice?

Meg: Pick your battles and be clear about what you stand for and your hopes and dreams for the future. Sometimes it is so hard to be honest about what we really want for our future in the middle of the honeymoon phase. Then when your a year in and you want different things, everything goes south. I was always honest with Trevor about wanted to go to New York, but I wasn’t all the time truthful about what a gypsy heart I had. I always am moving and shaking and Trevor is a San Diego man all the way. We have learned how to handle this perfectly though! Always be honest and communicate with your partner.

Trevor: It takes two individually happy people to make a happy relationship. I think the mistake many people make is feeling like it is your partners responsibility to make you happy. This is totally unfair to your partner and puts a huge burden on them. I struggled a lot personally when we first moved out here, and totally brought it into our relationship. What I learned is that it is my job to make myself happy first and love myself before I have the ability to give the kind of love that Meg deserves. I guess my advice would be to never lose sight of living your own personal dreams, because the most attractive thing you can do is be the best version of yourself and work on the person that your significant other fell in love with in the first place.

13. How long have you been together?

Two and a half years.

14. Most fun part about being engaged?

Meg: When people ask about my ring and my fiance. I will take any opportunity I get to talk about us. I can’t wait to have the time and energy to genuinely put into planning our wedding. I am very excited to see our dreams come to life on that day.

Trevor: My favorite part about being engaged is going out with Meg and watching her interact with people, and seeing the sad puppy eyes on guy’s faces when they look down and see the ring on her finger. I’d say it is super important to me to not look at being engaged as just a rushed period where you are stressing and planning a wedding. This is a super fun stage of a relationship and I am just trying to soak it up for what it is and not look forward so much that you miss out on it.

15. Do you guys travel a lot?

Meg: Both of our jobs right now are pretty demanding. Once we are able to have a little bit more freedom, there are tons of places that I would like to go. We used to travel a ton in college, but now we have to be adults for a little while.

Trevor: In college I traveled non stop. Since we moved out East the only traveling we have really done is to go back home to San Diego a few times. Once we move back though I am sure Meg will take us some places I wouldn’t go without her nudging me and they usually turn out to be a lot of fun. I am a desert and river guy through and through, so if it was up to me, that would be all that we would do throughout the year. I am glad she throws something different in the mix from time to time.

Thank you guys for reading!


Meg (and Trev today)meg

One thought on “Q&A With My Fiance

  1. I love this! It’s clear you two are perfect for each other. Many happy days ahead for your beautiful life! Love you both!


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