Commute Needs

I have been commuting for about 7 months and I can finally say, I have my routine down. My fiancé and I live in Stamford CT. Trevor works in Darien CT and I work in Manhattan. The reason why we chose to live in Connecticut instead of Manhattan is because it is located right in the middle of our jobs and we didn’t want to live in the city. Manhattan is so expensive and I already did a year in downtown LA. I was super over living in a city and Stamford is perfect for people our age! UCONN is in Stamford so it’s a super fun college town and it’s very close-knit. We’re constantly participating in town events like farmers markets, bar crawls, dog park days, concerts on campus etc. The train into the city is only about 30 minutes, I get off at Harlem and take the subway from there. Including the train, subway, and drive to the train station, it takes me about an hour and a half to get to work everyday. Don’t get me wrong, it can be a long ride but I found some ways to make it way easier. Here are some commute hacks and needs!

1. Do your makeup on the train/subway! It is so nice to be able to get that extra 20min of sleep. Plus, you have all of that extra time on the train, you might as well make good use of it!

2. Extending on that last point, buy your makeup in minis. Ulta has my favorite foundation in a travel size for a limited amount of time! I also have my bronzer and concealer in travel sizes. I’m going to do a full makeup routine blog post soon so I won’t share everything I use, but those are my main minis!

3. AIRPODS. For some reason everyone in New York has AirPods. I didn’t understand why they were so popular until I started commuting everyday. It’s so nice that I’m not constantly tearing out my earbuds whenever I go to grab something, or if the cord gets caught on my bag or jacket.

4. I am working on being better about using reusable coffee travel mugs, but I’m so bad at bringing them. I hate the hassle of having to rinse out the mug at work and then my bag is too small for a mug!! So until I figure that out, I just ordered these throw away Dixie Cups. I know, I know, our earth is dying. I will step it up I promise. lol.

5. A good show or podcast that makes time fly. I am currently loving New Girl.

6. A charger or a portable charger. Most trains have outlets.

7. A beauty blender case! This one off Amazon is super cheap and durable.

8. Hand sanitizing wipes…because people are gross.

9. A good bag! I have stopped using my purse completely. A little back pack is so much easier. I love mine from Target.

10. Lastly, I always bring a notebook/journal and a pen to write down blog ideas or journal. It’s so pretty going through CT and NY. I always feel inspired on the train.

Thank you for reading! Let me know if any of you commute and have any favorite products!



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