New Beginnings

Hi everyone!

Summer is coming to an end, as is multiple chapters in my own life! I have not blogged in a long time, things got a little crazy there for a while! But I am back and ready to fill you all in on a few things I’ve been up to this summer.

Since March, I graduated from FIDM Los Angeles in June, with a degree in beauty merchandising and marketing. Trevor and I had both our graduation and engagement party together. We went to Cabo San Lucas for five days to celebrate. Currently we are in Wisconsin visiting family. We have spent the majority of our summer taking steps towards our future.

I am so excited to announce that Trevor and I are moving to New York in September! I have accepted a job with the new Nordstrom Manhattan store that is opening in October. We are so incredibly excited to start this new adventure all the way across the country!

With our impending move and constant change it seems, I have been totally slacking on blog posts. However, I am back and ready to share my life and the rest of this crazy journey that we are taking off on!

Be back with another post soon….



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